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COVID-19 Business Reopening

The Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurship Centre is committed to supporting businesses in the economic recovery. Ontario is working on economic recovery, which includes reopening businesses. We encourage you to check out the latest information on reopening businesses.

Practical Advice

What should you do now?

  1. Don't panic, this is a temporary situation;
  2. Prioritize security and communication for yourself, your employees and your customers; and
  3. Reassess your Cash Flow and determines your financial needs.

After determining your financial needs

  1. Contact your financial institution and vendors to make temporary arrangements;
  2. Find out what support programs are available; and
  3. If you feel the need, don't hesitate to get help.

After reorganizing your finances

  1. Monitor and evaluate daily how things are going and adjust your plan as needed; and
  2. Make sure your business is well prepared to resume operations quickly once the situation is resolved.

Check out Canada's Economic Action Plan for Responding to COVID-19 to see what programs are available to help you!

In the meantime, what can you do?

  1.  Check with your banking institution to see if you can defer your mortgage payments and interest free of charge for a period of six months. Some institutions may require that interest only payments be made.
  2. Have your financial statements from previous years available.
  3. Are you eligible for employer unemployment benefits? Apply for them!

Business support programs open and close at any time. Contact us to find out what is available to you.

Guide to Reopening

The purpose of this document is to guide businesses in reopening by following health and safety measures. Please continue to follow the guidelines of the Province of Ontario and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.

Reopening Ontario: what’s in each stage

Learn about what can reopen in each stage and where, according to the government’s regional approach to stage 2.

Find personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers

Review a list of companies that sell personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to keep your employees and customers safe from COVID-19. Before your business reopens, review sector-specific guidelines to identify personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies to keep your employees and customers safe. Supplies are in high demand and the needs of frontline health care workers and first responders will continue to be prioritized.

Sector specific information

Restaurants and food services



Arts, culture, festivals and events



Healthcare providers and personal services


For any other sector or information, visit the COVID-19 and workplace health and safety page.here.

Communications Tools

Protection kit

Find sector-specific guidelines and posters to help protect workers, customers and the general public from coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ontario. In addition, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services offers recommendations for different types of industries.

The Ontario government has launched a new web page outlining resources available to Ontario businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Small business recovery resources.

Information Posters

For all other information posters.



Studies related to the impact of Covid-19 on the region's economy

Two studies were conducted by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell’s Economic Development and Tourism in collaboration with the Economic Development Departments of the municipalities of Clarence-Rockland, Alfred and Plantagenet, Champlain, Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, The Nation, Casselman and Russell. These studies targeted entrepreneurs in the Prescott and Russell area and had the goal of assessing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on local businesses, determining the support required by employers in the area, establishing the main sources of information consulted by businesses and offering immediate support to the most affected businesses.

Prescott and Russell Response and Economic Recovery Plan COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Prescott and Russell's economic development organizations quickly activated their emergency mechanisms to provide the business community with immediate support. The Recovery Plan implements initiatives to address the immediate effects of COVID-19. This document is intended to be a resource for the community to use in coordinating regional economic recovery efforts.

Start a Business

Guide and tools

The Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurship Centre gives you countless tools and forms at your disposal that can help you develop different aspects of your future business.

We invite you to download any or every one of our forms below and communicate with us for more information.

Financing and contributions

For youth entrepreneurs

For new entrepreneurs

List of different Fund providers

For existing entrepreneurs


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