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Users Club


The snowmobile trails in the Larose Forest are part of the 435-kilometre trail network marked and groomed by the Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club (EOSC). To use these trails, one must possess a membership card from the EOSC or a temporary three-day or seven-day pass. Snowmobile trail usage is regulated according to a memorandum of understanding.

Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club

Trail Bikes

The Bytown Motorcycle Association (BMA) maintains more than 10 km of trails used by trail bikes. These marked trails are used exclusively by members of BMA, at bikers own risk. Use of the trails is done according to memorandum of understanding on a trial basis for the year 2008.

Bytown Motorcycle Association
12 Goldfinch Drive
Kemptville, On K0B 1J0
Tel: 613.678.2581

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

The ATV club of Eastern Ontario has more than 19 km of marked trails in the Larose Forest. In order to use the ATV trails you must be in good standing with the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicule (OFATV) Club and have a valid pass on your ATV. It is strictly forbidden to ride an ATV in the Larose Forest without a valid membership. Any circulation outside the set trails is liable to a fine. Use of the ATV trails is done according to a memorandum of understanding.

ATV Club of Eastern Ontario Inc.
Curran, ON

Horseback Riding

From April to November, the Forest’s cross-country skiing trails become equestrian paths. They are kept by the Ramsayville Equestrian Club (CEREC). A permit from the CEREC is required to go horse-riding. However, these trails remain open for pedestrians and mountain biking and no authorisation is required for these activities. Motorized sports are forbidden on these trails.

Use of equestrian trails is done according to a memorandum of understanding.

Ramsayville Equestrian Club
3501, Ramsayville road
Ottawa (Ontario) K1G 3N5

Dog Sledding

The Mush Larose Association maintains several km of trails used for dog sledding. These specific trails can be used for dog sledding exclusively by members of Mush Larose. Dog sledding hobbyists are free to sled on other trails, at their own risk. Use of the dog sledding trails is done according to a memorandum of understanding.

Mush Larose