Trails Information

Trails Information

Trails Conditions

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Our Trails

  • Ski trails
    • P1 and P7 in Limoges
    • P2 and P3 in Bourget
  • Snowshoeing and Fatbike trails
    • P1 and P7 in Limoges
    • P4 in Bourget
  • Hiking trails
    • P7 in Limoges
    • P4 in Bourget

Our Interactive Map

You must click on the colored line of the trail of your choice to view its details.

Rules of conduct on the ski and snowshoe trails

  • No pedestrians and dogs allowed on cross-country ski trails. Those on foot are invited to use the snowshoe trails;
  • Use trail map for reference;
  • Respect the markers and signals; and
  • Keep trails clean.

How to get there

Location map 


  • Access to cross country ski/snowshoe trail is free. However, users can make monetary donations in the boxes provided that can be found at both access points.
  • Larose Forest works in partnership with OMBA (Ottawa Mountain Bike Association) to provide great trails for all users. To use the mountain/fat bike trails in the Larose Forest, you must join OMBA.