Adapted Transportation

Adapted Transportation

Intermunicipal Public Transit Service

The PR Transpo public transit service vehicles are fully accessible.

Both buses are equipped with a low floor and a boarding ramp in addition to two reserved spaces for customers using a mobility device or accessory (these seats cannot be reserved, but they are available on a first-come, first-served basis, like all the other seats).

Who are the users considered to have a need for adapted transportation?

You are considered a user needing adapted transportation if you use a mobility device or accessory, such as:

  • wheelchairs and walkers.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed.

How to Use the Adapted Transportation Service

To use the service, you must go to the bus stop and board independently or with the assistance of a Support Person. These services allow you to travel at your convenience according to a regular schedule and a pre-established circuit.

Support Person

The Support Person or Access 2 cardholder, who accompanies a wheelchair or walker user, has free access.

Individualized and Customized Transportation Service

For an individualized and customized transportation service, please contact one of our two community partners:

  • Prescott-Russell Community Services
    • Telephone number - 613-632-0939
  • Carefor
    • Telephone numbers - 613-749-7557 or 613-632-0418

Both of these agencies provide paid services to people 55 years of age and older, having a medical appointment in Prescott and Russell and/or outside, as well as in the major centres.