Child Care Services

As parents, we want what is best for our children...

The Child Care Division offers several programs and services which include the following services:

  • Management of service agreements and services with licensed daycares
  • Operation of a Licensed Home Child Care Agency
  • Offer of financial help to parents with fee subsidies
    • Offer of family and child support services
    • Prescott and Russell Integration Services
  • Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Early Years Centre plans early years services through the Prescott and Russell Best Start Network

Child Care

Programs available in Prescott and Russell

In Prescott and Russell there are different types of child care options to help meet the needs of parents and children. Child care services are available in both child care centers and in private homes. You can arrange to have full-time child care, or part-time care, and it can be licensed and supervised or through your own private arrangements with a neighbour, relative or friend.

Licensed Child Care

Licensed child care is offered in a child care centre or in a private home, and must meet the requirements of the Day Nursery Act.

Choosing Quality Child Care

Quality child care provides peace of mind and helps balance work and family. It also promotes healthy child development - physical, emotional, social and intellectual.

The Province of Ontario has launched a new website to assist parents make informed decisions about licensed child care. To access the site, click on this link.

Listing of the Prescott and Russell Licensed Home Child Care Agency
& Prescott and Russell's Daycares - BY REGION


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