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June 17th, Renovation Work Today, June 17th, renovation work being done to the sidewalk at the entrances of 59 Court Street limits accessibility to our offices. Accessibility should be restored by next Monday, June 20th. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.
First Service Decoration Ceremony held for UCPR Paramedics Hawkesbury, June 1, 2016 – Last Tuesday, May 24, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) held the very first Paramedic Service Decoration ceremony, in recognition of the years of service and exemplary conduct of its paramedics. This Paramedic Service Decoration ceremony is a first for the Emergency Services Department, but will become an annual event as of this year. The decoration is initially provided for 12 consecutive years of paramedic service, and then again after every 10 subsequent years. This year, the UCPR recognized 20 of its paramedics for 42, 32 and 22 years of service. “In order to celebrate National Paramedic Week, which took place this year from May 22 to 28, we wished to recognize the service of 20 paramedics that, combined, is equivalent to more than 600 years of service,” stated Michel Chrétien Jr., the Emergency Services Director for the UCPR. The original concept to receive the decoration comes from the Canadian Armed Forces. Although the reason for the 12 years is unknown, the rules mirror those that were established in 1949 by the Forces. “I wish to congratulate all the paramedics for the relentless duties that they perform every day, in order to help our residents in their most vulnerable moments. Their service and dedication, as well as their constant presence in our community, makes Prescott and Russell one of the greatest places to live,” added Pierre Leroux, Chair of the Emergency Services Committee and Mayor of Russell Township. At the top of the list, recognized for 42 years of service or more, is Paul Labelle, who has dedicated 46 years of loyal service to the community as a paramedic. Mr. Labelle began his career with the Noel Ambulance Service in 1969 and retired in December 2015. The paramedics recognized for 32 years of service and more are Daniel Cyril Villeneuve (40 years); Raymond Groleau (39); Gilles Lacroix (37); Michel Chrétien Jr. (35); Jeff Warnock (33); Louis Rathier (32); Daniel Leduc (32); Stéphane Huppé (32); and Yvon Leclair (32). The paramedics recognized for 22 years of service and more are André Jean (31); Daniel Lacelles (31); Sylvain Pelletier (30); Denis Dalrymple (29); Sylvain Veilleux (29); Patrice Brennan (28); Yves Larivière (28); Nancy Leduc (28); Claude Meloche (27); Alfred Baaklini (27); Mathieu Berthiaume (27); Marc-André Périard (26); Christophe Serano (26); Mario Périard (24); and Martin Gascon (24). It should be noted that Nancy Leduc was the only woman to be awarded during the ceremony. At the time of her hiring, she was one of few women to hold the position of a full-time paramedic. Today, more and more young women practice this profession.
Notice to Property Owners - Destruction of Noxious Weeds L'Orignal, May 30, 2016 – Notice is hereby given to every person in possession of land within the United Counties of Prescott and Russell that all noxious weed or weed seeds shall be destroyed by June 30, 2016, and throughout the season, the Counties may enter upon the said land and have the weeds destroyed, charging the costs against the land as taxes, as set out in the Act. Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Guy Cayer, Weed Inspector at 613 987-2196.   For more information, please visit

Andrée Latreille, Clerk
United Counties of Prescott and Russell
P.O. Box 304, L’Orignal, ON K0B 1K0
The UCPR recognizes the Day of the Honey Bee 2016 L'Orignal, May 29, 2016 – The Agricultural Advisory Committee and the Economic Development and Tourism Department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) are once again recognizing May 29th as the Day of the Honey Bee, as was initially declared by the elected representatives of Prescott and Russell in May 2012. To mark this important day, this past Friday, May 27, more than 20 students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 at the École secondaire catholique Embrun visited the farm of Michel Dignard and Jeannette Mongeon, owners and beekeepers, who shared their passion for bees with the students by explaining the history and benefits of bees and honey. They also demonstrated some basic beehive-handling techniques and the students viewed the interior of a beehive. The students later helped extract honey from a hive and were able to enjoy a delicious honey product. “Some very important advice is to always have a clean source of water available in order to keep bees hydrated and ensure their survival,” explained Jeannette Mongeon. The bee has an important place in our ecosystem. It plays a major role in the pollination of more than 130 types of crops, including a long list of foods that we consume regularly. Blueberries, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, lettuce and onions represent only a small portion of the foods that benefit from bee pollination. Flowers and plants in bloom contain lots of pollen and nectar and feature a fragrance and bright colours that attract bees and greatly contribute to their reproduction and survival. It is therefore imperative that these plants exist in our ecosystem, and the UCPR delivered flower seeds to each student in order to encourage this gesture. “The mayors of Prescott and Russell would like to emphasize the importance of our bees, which provide us this nectar of the gods,” stated Guy Desjardins, Warden of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. “Prescott and Russell is a region where agriculture plays an important role in the local economy and we need to continue raising awareness among our residents about the importance of preserving our bees for crop pollination.” Visit the website of the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network at to locate a beekeeper near you. Honey stores perfectly and retains all its qualities for many, many months – even years.
Fourth edition of the BioBlitz in the Larose Forest Bourget, May 26, 2016 – The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) is pleased to partner together with the Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club in planning the fourth edition of the BioBlitz in the Larose Forest. A BioBlitz is typically a 24-hour event during which scientists and naturalists work together to identify as many species as possible. The goal of this project is to provide the community with information on biodiversity within a section of the forest, while conducting an inventory of various species. The results will then be compiled and used to protect biodiversity by making decisions and providing information for responsible land use management decisions and the protection of rare or at-risk species. The fourth BioBlitz will be held on Friday, June 3 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in a section of the Larose Forest between Concession 9 and 10, from east to west, and from St-Félix Road to the Clarence-Cambridge Boundary Road, from north to south. Experts from the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club, South Nation Conservation, the Mycologues amateurs de l’Outaouais, and Carleton University, will be present throughout the event. This information will also be registered with the Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources. A complete report will be produced and results from the event will be posted on the websites of both the UCPR and the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club. The information collected from this event will allow the community to have a better understanding of the importance of conservation and biodiversity in the Larose Forest. Biologists, naturalists and anyone with knowledge of biodiversity will be assisting with the species inventory. The event will be coordinated by UCPR staff. For more information, please contact Manon Besner, Forestry Technician at 613-487-4103 or
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